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The Disappearance of the Empathy!


In the world of Crake and Oryx, everything seems acceptable. Severe themes such as animal abuse, violence, public execution, and child pornography are well stated in the book and do not seem to disturb anyone. It seems that the world described by Mary Atwood is a retrospective of our world. In our 21st century, we are bombarded with news and entertainment that is becoming more and more explicit and gore-like. For the past decade, I noticed that only explicit, violence and vulgar content appealed to people. There is even a new word for information that contains entertainment patterns which are infotainment.


A good example of it is the political campaign in the United States. Donald Trump vs. Hilary Clinton was a spectacle for the Americans. Not only was it entertaining but it interested people to politics. (For once ;))

How come you may say? Through vulgarity and no filtered words. For Americans, politically correct speeches have become lies and the only men that speak the truth (for them, apparently) from the mind was Donald Trump because he did not use fancy words to express himself. Instead, he used threats, and calls for violence towards the Muslim and Latin-American community. It seems that only crude word can call the Americans.


This point brings us to another problem which is voyeurism. The western world is obsessed with voyeurism! In the book, Crake is a parody of the average western person looking at the atrocities and intimacies of people’s life without feeling empathy for them. I do not know for you, dear reader, but it reminds me of how our society is deeply in lack or may I say need of empathy and compassion. Nowadays, people look at others’ miseries and post them online instead of helping them. I really feel sadly emotional about how our world is changing. Human beings are turning into robots with stone-cold hearts. Also; it looks like we only pay attention to subjects related to our animal instincts these days. Only Rape and wars are making headlines and we forgot about the good side of life. Like the Black Eyed Peas said once: “Where is the Love?”


Therefore, Atwood, for my part, is a brilliant author, because she makes me reflect on our actual world and how the definition of entertainment has changed deeply in our society. I personally, when I was a kid, used to think as entertainment as something joyful that cut our attention and the same thoughts were true for my parents in the 70-80s.Now we took the joy out of the definition and make it amusing only with the bad things that surround us. To finish, I really want to know your thoughts on how you perceived entertainment? Did it change for you and did the book make you think about it?


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2 thoughts on “The Disappearance of the Empathy!

  1. I agree, our form of entertainment today seems centered on shock value. If it’s not shocking, it’s not entertaining! I also agree on the growing lack of empathy these days. I feel like because all of these shocking photos, videos, etc. are so accessible to everyone, we tend to not take them as seriously as we should. The book did make me think about the change of entertainment because the lack of worth of human-life is slowly growing in entertainment in our society but it also made me think that this could very well happen in the near future. Our kids might be looking at websites that Crake and Jimmy look at for fun, and the thought of that gives me goosebumps.


  2. If this subject interests you I really recommend you go watch the show “Black Mirror” on Netflix! I agree with you that this is (sadly) a prevalent issue in our society. I also agree that entertainment has evolved into something darker and more focused on exploiting the negative aspects of life. However, something that has evolved also continues to evolve so maybe one day it will change for the better, but Margaret Atwood certainly doesn’t seem to think so. I, on the other hand, believe that people will one day be fed up with the gore. Too much of something is never good and will start to bore people. Entertainment will be forced to accommodate it’s viewers and peek their interest some other way (hopefully with unicorns and rainbows).


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