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The Worst for the Better (Maybe?)


We all read book or seen movies with fantastic creatures that we wish could exist. Since the beginning of time the human imagination make some hybrid human or animal take life from legends or stories. Minotaur, kraken, Anzû, griffon, and even more. Now, around the world we are apt to recognize the variety of monster created by the imagination of humans. Is it the beginning of the creation of all those monsters by word of mouth it’s the fruit of the human desire to be able to play the god? Does the human being have all the resources possible today to be able to create his new forms of life? Yes and no. Human already create and release some genetic animals. They are not extravagant like in some book or movie but they are still modified for the vision of humans. Cows are already modified to produce more milk, dogs are mixed and transformed for a beauty image, some hypoallergenic animals are modified for families with allergies. If you like there are some genetic animals, you might not know:
The Featherless Chicken was crated in Israel. This prototype doesn’t grow feathers and is ecological. The scientific proclaim this bird to be cheap to raze and practical on time (no need to pluck). Unfortunately, the nature gives chicken feathers to help the skin and provide against parasite and weather conditions, the featherless chicken doesn’t get this protection.


Glow in the dark animal? The first animal how got the ability to glow in the dark are stemmed from art. It was an albino rabbit developed by Eduard Kac in 2000. In 2011 scientific created cat who can glow to prevent feline immunodeficiency virus. Now we can find some worm and cow glowing at night too.


The Popeye pig is a genetic modification created by Japanese who decide to make a pig able to be meat and vegetable. Those pigs got insert with spinach genes that provide saturated fat into unsaturated. Those pigs are grated very healthy but some people wonder why not only eat vegetable instead of mix some in meat. 1.jpg

After learning about what human already improve ( I think) in terms of science where do you think those modifications can go? Will we be able to completely create a new form of animals in the 21st century? Should human is in the wrong to provide or mortified animals?


2 thoughts on “The Worst for the Better (Maybe?)

  1. First of all, how many people can claim to have never eaten some sort of genetically modified food in their life? For example, if you eat a burger, it is highly possible that the cow the beef was made from had been genetically modified by the breeders. They do not do this by splicing up thousands of little chunks of science but instead, they selectively breed the cows for their genes. This may not seem relevant but in both cases, they are trying to isolate specific genes to breed. Although the farmers’ methods take many seasons longer that making an artificial cell in a lab they are essentially the same, only on different scales.


  2. I really think that we shouldn`t be doing this to animals, even they way we farm animals for meat I really don’t like. I know that they are getting really close to properly cloning a dog but they don’t survive very long 😦 I think that secret burger already kinda exist in our fast foods we have today, not body parts but different parts of animals and it’s even possible that non-animal parts can replace some of the meat in fast food burgers…


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