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Crake is God.


I grew up attending a Christian school and like many others in my situation, the more I was preached at the more sceptical I became of the religion. If I’m being perfectly honest at one point the Bible, with its men walking on water and water turning into wine, started sounding less like history and more like a good science fiction novel. The bearded dude in sandals wasn’t exactly a convincing hero and the story itself had to many plot holes so my friends and I started developing our own theories as to how this story really came to be.

We came up with many theories but for a while we were stuck on the idea time travel. We had an entire story written about a lonely magician named Glenn who in 2098 discovered time travel. He used this to go back in time and change the course of history by claiming himself as the messiah. The magician part was crucial because this is how Glenn would create the illusions of walking on water and such. However eventually we grew up and realized that if time travel doesn’t exist now than it probably never will.

The more time I spend studying and thinking about religion the more I think its explanation is simple; it is a way to coddle the insecurities of humanity. It shelters people from harsher realities and reassures them that they are in fact important.

The Crakers are a wonderful example of this. When the Crakers start becoming curious about their maker Oryx gives them the simplest definition she could think of, telling them it was Crake but without reviling anything else. However when they are dragged away from the world they are used to Jimmy is forced to start explaining these changes to them in order to comfort them. The stories (or myths) Jimmy creates hold striking resemblance to those held in the Bible. He tells them that “Crake and Oryx are cleaning away the chaos,”(Atwood, 352) much like God flooded the world to rid it of sin. He builds Crake and Oryx up to be the rulers, the tellers of good and evil, the creators and the protectors. They’re dependence on religion and beliefs in Oryx and Crake are proven when Jimmy (the closest thing to a spiritual guide they have) leaves for a couple of days and they find themselves performing spiritual rituals in order to keep him safe.

The irony in this is that Crake (much like myself) didn’t believe in religion and so designed his people not to be capable of such a thing…………….yet he was the one who became their God.

So I leave you with this dear readers; what is religion to you? Is it just a simpler way of explaining our existence? A way to cope with inevitable death? A good fiction novel?Cra


2 thoughts on “Crake is God.

  1. Really enjoyed reading your post! I too grew up in a Christian school and experienced the same thing as you. I find that as time went by, I grew more and more skeptical of all the preachings and bible stories. I actually agree with your point on how religion is just a way of making people feel more secure; like everything will be okay in the end. It allows people to live their lives with minimal worries and fears. As you put it, it provides a “simpler” explanation. Proof is in the Crakers. At first, they were content in their little comfortable habitat with Oryx. However, as they got dragged into the real world, they started demanding more answers from Snowman. Through my past with religion in general, I honestly just see it somewhat as an “illusion” or a “simpler version” of the truth.


  2. I find it is only normal for humans to imagine a story, an origin, and an explanation to our questions… We need to be assured, we don’t have answers for every question and it is easier for us just to say it was God that created that or these gods represent that. I grew up in a Christian family and I did the whole journey; baptism, communion and my confirmation. To be honest, I do not believe in Christianity as a whole, but I did it for my grandparents and my parents because they believe in it. I believe in Science but even science does not have all the answers and believing in a religion like Christianity can erase those insecurities about the meaning of life, what happens when we die, etc. Taking this in consideration, religion does bring a purpose to life and make people act in a certain way. Many people will be nice and respectful just to have a seat in the sky. So in a way, it’s good to have that sense of responsibility of your own actions (yes the law too haha). I enjoyed your post and it helped me reflect on my own questions.


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