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We’re eating whaatt?


Once finishing the novel and analyzing the brains behind the so called creator of the “extraordinary pill”(BlyssPluss pill) , which claimed to protect and prolong youth. It made me question the world in which we live in, and I began to wonder if this world is actually trying to slowly kill us all. Perhaps not in the same way Crake had in mind (kill off the current generation) but perhaps kill us in a different way such as the food we eat, and the air we breathe, etc. I’m sure you’ve never thought of that before, or have you?

Ever thought of all the GMOs and hormones that are pumped into the food we eat? And let’s not even talk about the list of five trillion ingredients that are put in processed foods! What about the fast food chains? How could they possibly sell their 10 piece “real “chicken tenders for 1.99$. Like seriously? Their’s obviously a catch.


Don’t believe me? Take a look at this article that has banned food in Europe and in other counties around the world but are still circulating here in North America.


And let me just give you a heads up on what scientists are doing with these GMOs.

“Geneticists have bred GMO pigs that glow in the dark by inserting into their DNA a gene for bioluminescence from a jellyfish. Tomatoes have been developed that resist frost and freezing temperatures with antifreeze genes from a cold-water fish, the winter flounder. The Food and Drug Administration also recently approved potatoes that don’t bruise and apples that don’t brown.” (Life Science GMOs: Facts About Genetically Modified Food)

Now if you think that’s bad let’s take a second and talk about the air we breathe.With pollution and climate change no wonder its getting worse and worse. Last year, China had a massive problem with the condition of the air they were breathing because of smog. Did you ever think of the day that we’d have to sell air? Well the day has come!


What do you guys think about this? It’s mind boggling to know what they can do to the foods we eat and how we might not even know  if what we’re eating is “Real or Fake”.Do you think we’ll ever know what is real or fake? Or is the government just trying to blind us from the truth?


4 thoughts on “We’re eating whaatt?

  1. Your article is super interesting due to the fact that I have also been wondering lately how sometimes we eat things that can taste delicious, but that we have no idea where they are coming from. It is interesting to see how it is cheaper to buy fast food/ unhealthy food nowadays and so expensive to buy healthy food. As students, this is something concerning because we are sometimes limited to buying what is less expensive regardings food. The same way Margaret Atwood mentions the process for the SecretBurgers, I also ask myself if in our world, fast chain foods go through similar or harmful process to come up with their food without us not even realizing it?


  2. Interesting point, although I’m not sure I fully agree with all of your points. I definitely think that we’ve reached a point where the use of hormones/chemicals is ‘extra’ and points at issues in the food production industry. We shouldn’t have to artificially colour flesh and food in order to get people to consume them: they should be as they naturally appear. If salmon’s flesh turns grey due to the antibiotics they consume, then maybe they shouldn’t be taking those meds (or living in conditions that require them). The same applies to pesticide use and creating crops resistant to things that kill everything else- that’s an irresponsible way to increase productivity and is horrible for the environment. However, I don’t (usually) have a problem with most GMO’s. The tomato example you cite could be critical for improving yields in a world where climate change makes the weather unpredicable, and modifying crops to become drought-resistant could in fact save the species from extinction and prevent famines. It’s definitely a case-by-case scenario for GMO’s, but I think its wrong to dismiss them by default, because they can be incredibly vital and good if done in a way that doesn’t harm people or the environment.


  3. I often find myself fearing these things. It worries me to think about some of the things I am putting in my body, when I scroll down my Facebook timeline and see how many horomones are injected into the meat I eat and how many pesticides are sprayed onto the veggies and fruits I enjoy, the amounts of preservatives and additives are put into things so their expiry date could be as far away as it can possibly be. It is a downward spiral. Companies, especially in the food industry are always looking for a way to cut costs even if it means lowering the quality of their food. I think all of the terrible things that are put into our food today is the main reason why so many people have health problems. I’m pretty sure I eat every single item on the banned foods list you attached on a regular basis and that seriously worries me. How could things that are so dangerous to people’s health and so toxic to the human’s body be sold in stores as “food”. Mentioned in one of the comments above is Secret Burger’s which is ironically similar to McDonalds. No one can ever be 100% sure as to what exactly the food is being made of in those restaurants, but when you have a 15 minute break and you’re on a tight budget a $1.99 junior chicken that will be made and eaten within the span of a few minutes is much more appealing than the thought of spending almost $20 on a Mandy’s salad that comes along with a 20 minute wait.


  4. Hi laurazenga,
    I found your blog post very interesting. I completely agree with you. The food market is becoming terrible, especially for the middle-class population. I recently have seen a documentary about the untold process of food. In the documentary, they mention that the food and drug corporations in the U.S. are actually pressured from private food companies to legalize some of their products even if it can be dangerous for human’s health. Also, there is a big debate in Canada about food labeling. Like in Europe, many Canadians want to know what they eat, therefore, many associations are asking the government to label GMO’s products so that the Canadian taxpayers have the right to know what they have on their plate!


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