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After having one of the class discussion about the book Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood it made me wonder why, Crake plague the whole world. I got to wondering, why were the people so easy to convince to take pills to solve their problems. This, got me thinking about our society and how our medical system works. Why do we take the easy fixes and if doctors could cure someone without a pill, would they? Can we learn from other countries approach at the medical system?
In Oryx and Crake the citizens’ rich and poor took vitamins every day to stay ″healthy″ they still got sick and some died. No suspicions rose about why people were suddenly getting sick and dying, losing all their money trying to stay alive. When going for the easy fix pill instead of healthy dieting and exercise, could have saved them. Why do we always go toward the easy fixes?

When I was sixteen my doctor told me that I was starting a Thyroid gland problem but I was on the limit line for taking the lowest dose pill. My doctor decided to prescribe me pills. What I didn’t know at the time was that every year from now on I would need to take a blood test because the pills gave me what I needed but my body wouldn’t recognize the pills, therefore my medication dose will almost always go up every year. Since I was on the limit line (I found out many years later), I didn’t have to take the medicine, the doctor only had to ask me about my dietary habits at home (what I ate), I would have easily told him: in the morning; I eat nothing, at lunch; I eat pizza pockets or popcorn or poutine, at night I eat pasta. So no wonder I wasn’t healthy, if I changed my diet it could have kept my thyroid problem at its lowest. Just by asking me this one question could have prevented me from having to take pills for the rest of my life. In now a day society, we go to the doctor only when something is wrong but what if it could be prevented?


There are 7 countries (Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, etc.) in the world that when you are healthy, you pay the doctor and when you are sick you do not pay your doctor because a doctors’ job is to keep you healthy (read more on this, here). That means, if the doctor will go above and suggest things to the patient, for example, the doctor might look into nutrition and recommend the patient to add to their diet something that will keep them healthy, for example, more omega 3 (fish) for someone with health problems. Fewer pills will be taken and an overall healthier society since it benefits not only the patient but the doctor as well.
Sometimes taking a pill right away isn’t the answer, sometimes we have to go a little deeper and see if by doing a little alteration in our life style, would you take a pill or change?


5 thoughts on “Pills Pills Pills

  1. I can relate to your this situation. A lot of time I find in our society that some doctors abuse their power with prescription pills that we do not necessary needs. For example in the years 2000 we could see a raze of popularity in the description for ADHD to kids. Some of them didnt really needs it and now could developed an addiction to those pills because of the they body get adapted to it and need’s it to work ”correctly”. And in other case of situation, some doctor give a pills prescription who got an ingredient that deteriorate the health of the human body. In that case the body needs to detoxification himself from the pills to be healthy again.
    I find your text really thoughtful for the future on our own health.


  2. I totally agree with you. Nowadays, people are taking pills for almost every problem. They are taking them whether they need them or not. They don’t think about the consequences and how these pills might affect their lives. I feel very sad about your situation. It couldn’t have happened if your doctor was concerned enough about your current lifestyle. Doctors are prescribing these drugs for the tiniest problems. The concept of the seven countries is a great idea that can be developed in Canada. Taking pills needs to be “Plan B”.

    – Dana Rammal


  3. I also agree with the points that you brought up! We are living in a time period where science is so advanced, which just like in Oryx and Crake, can have its advantages as well as its disadvantages. Some medication is truly life-saving and the fact that some people were able to create them impresses me so much. However, as you mentioned, other medication is developed for problems that used to just be solved in natural manners. I also believe that the prescription of pills is sometimes used as the easy solution because people are not always willing or motivated enough to make the necessary changes in their lifestyle. Why exercise more? Why eat better? Why cut down on technology and take more time to sleep? These are all sacrifices that are, for many, are very difficult to make. But then as you stated in your post, taking medication sometimes come with consequences so, if possible, why not avoid them?


  4. I totally agree with what you’ve said. I believe that the prescription of pills is sometimes overrated, doctors can tend to prescribe medication only to benefit themselves. As I’m sure you know, these medications cost a lot of money. Why spend money on something you may not need when you can simply change your lifestyle and avoid taking medication for the rest of your life?


  5. I really enjoyed reading your post! I think you brought up an interesting point when you described your own experience regarding pills, and how people just think that pills and medication in general, are the solution to all of our (physical/mental) problems. The book is an example of an extreme version, but it can be our future, if we as a society don’t help changes these ideals towards prescribed medications. I found it interesting, when you mentioned how in some countries, doctors don’t get paid to help patient when they do get sick. I feel like this in itself might not necessarily encourage doctors to go the extra mile to help patients since they are not getting paid to do so, but I do believe that it will also stop them from prescribing unnecessary fast fixes, when they aren’t needed.


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