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Ban all guns for “public safety”!


After reading the first few chapters of The Year of the Flood, I found it fascinating to learn that, in this world, firearms have been completely outlawed and that only the CorpSeCorps can own the newly invented sprayguns. This got me thinking about how after every gun-related attack, there is mention of the need for stricter gun laws or the banning of guns altogether. I struggle with this idea for two main reasons.

Firstly, I doubt that gun laws would ever affect the correct people. A criminal whose goal is to kill people will most likely be able to find a weapon and he won’t care whether it’s legal or not. And, in a situation where the perpetrator of the attack was conscious enough to cause it of his own free-will, I doubt that things like “gun-free zones” would have stopped them from making it happen.


Secondly, I have difficulty comprehending how it could possibly be a good idea to eliminate the average citizens’ right to own a firearms and reserving it for the police. I believe that evidence of this is shown time and time again whether it be in historical examples, in other countries, or in fiction. I find that the most evident example of the dangers of gun control in the past is what was seen in Nazi Germany. To me, it seems doubtful that the Nazis could have killed as many people as they did if the average citizen were able to fight back against their tyrannical government. The fact that the Germans had already begun disarming Jews and other political opponents seems like strong evidence to the fact that the Nazis did believe that firearms could have caused resistance from the population. And, as with all disarming of the population, they were told that the need to register their guns or have them taken away was an issue of “public safety”.

Then, following the model of the most infamous dictatorship in history, North Korea also possesses very strict gun laws. In fact, in all, only 130,000 guns are in civilian hands in a country of 25 million. So, it seems that oppressive governments, if they wish to stay in power, will rarely allow their citizens to be armed.

Finally, a disarmed civilian population seems to be a common occurence in several dystopian novels. Whether it be The Hunger Games, 1984, or the MaddAddam Trilogy, many dystopians will contain an unarmed populace and a government which owns all weaponry. And, although the world of this trilogy may not seem so bad if one does not live in the pleeblands, I find it terrifying how easily some people would accept that the government or the police force would be the only people who could own guns.


In general, I see firearms, not as weapons against other people, but as a way to protect ourselves from governments who would be able to control everything and everyone by threatening them with weapons. In conclusion, do you believe that the removal or strict control of firearms by the government is a good thing or is it a way for them to gain complete control over the population through fear?


4 thoughts on “Ban all guns for “public safety”!

  1. Reading your post, I realize that there is a lot of truth behind what you say. However, the legal possession of guns is a heated subject. Altough I do agree with your thoughts, I’ve always wondered if the legal use of firearms in the US would be banned, maybe we would see less massacres? For sure there are people who have guns without the intention of murdering someone, there are good people in the world who possess guns for their own personal safety, but how to differentiate this people from the ones who want to have a gun to commit murder? I wonder if the world would be a better place if they would be banned. However, I do wonder if there are more powerful reasons when the government decides to ban them. Is it to prevent resilience, is it to scare its citizens, are they trying to control us?


  2. I do not agree with what you say, because in Australia there was a big massacre, and after that they decided to ban guns and they aren’t trying to be a tyrant ruler. In the U.S.A massacres happen and they make guns more available, you can now walk into Walmart and walk out with a gun under a half an hour. I think too much opportunity to have a gun is a very bad thing, how many innocent people died because one morning someone decided to wake up and shoot up a school.


  3. Interesting point of view… However I do not agree that citizens should have the right to own a gun. I feel like it just creates more problems and gives many people an easier opportunity to use guns. Yes, if someone wanted to kill people, maybe they would find a way to get a gun, but most people wouldn’t go through the trouble. There are also many accidents in the states with children handling guns. suicide is also another problem because owning a gun can be a lot more tempting. I do agree that it is a problem that the police have the freedom to use a gun. In the states, it is a major issue. We constantly see it on the news especially because of the black lives matter movement. there are thousands of videos of cops shooting black men that are not even armed for no apparent reason. Even so, I believe cops can protect people with them and should be the only ones to own guns. However I strongly believe they need a lot more training to know how to handle situations better and safer.


  4. Hi catherineandcrake,
    Your point of view is very interesting, but I must join the other bloggers on the fact that allowing guns into the society is not the best idea. This kind of system (allowing guns into society) leads a population into an archaic and anarchic policy. I think that linking what happened to the Jews during the Holocaust and gun control today is very not something that should be linked together. The situation is totally different. The problem of gun control is not the banning of the guns, but rather the political system that is involved. Yes, in a totalitarian system it would not help the population, but when you live in Canada in 2017 you are glad that you have a gun control policy. It makes our lives more peaceful and we do not have to deal with millions of death caused by that like in the U.S.


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