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Do People Prefer Mythology or Science?

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There is new information coming from every direction, and people want answers. I think that even if you are skeptical about certain things, a part of yourself also want to believe that there is something else beyond facts. People want to know what there was before the existence of humans may choose mythology over science?



Throughout this novel, we see that Crake and Jimmy have very different personalities. Crake is a number person, who does not believe in any religion or spiritual practices while Jimmy is a word person, who cares about animals and people (sort of).  In Oryx and Crake, we find that Crakers are very curious about their existence and their surroundings as well. Crake customized the Crakers as what he believed would be the ideal human beings. Crake aimed to avoid any type of symbolism and hierarchy among this brand new generation of ‘humans’, but it is easily disrupted by Jimmy’s ideas of the world. Why is that? Jimmy, unlike Crake, believes in something beyond science. He cares about the Crakers and in his attempt to protect them, he reverses some aspects of the Crakers that Crake wanted to achieve through genetic manipulation.

The example of how the Crakers painted a picture of Snowman when they never were explained how to do so, shows the Crakers’ inner abilities which Crake unsuccessfully tried to take away from them. This may mean that it did not matter how much effort Crake put in by trying to erase certain qualities, these were part of their personalities.

We, as human beings, have the tendency to search for explanations about our surroundings. Whether is by believing in something or someone or through science. If one chooses to believe in the great power, one will spend most of one’s life exploring different paths to arrive at a conclusion about where one comes from and what is his/her purpose in the world. Most of us think that science will give more assertive responses about questions that may come up about us and the world, BUT science is constantly changing.



So, What do you prefer ?? In which cases do you choose to believe in a greater power and not in science or vice-versa??



One thought on “Do People Prefer Mythology or Science?

  1. Nice post! Personally, I would choose the science, but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in erasing any form of worship from humanity! Your discussion of Crake attempting to wipe out human’s penchant for belief in a higher being made me think about human’s innate creativity. Crake attempted to edit this out of the Crakers, because he believed that art and worship inevitably leads to corruption. I think that part of being human (i.e. the ability to think critically) is inevitably woven into creativity. We cannot problem solve without at least some grasp of thinking ‘outside the box’, so if Crake were to edit out critical thought and creativity, would his Crakers even be human? They would lack any form of curiosity and would be unable to challenge anything properly, nor could they create explanations (no matter how wild or factual) for things they can’t understand. Anyway, all to say that while I do think that the world is shifting towards science, mythology will forever remain part of our cultures because if it actually disappears, can we consider ourselves to be human?


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