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Apocalypse, Real or Not?

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The subject of apocalypses has come up in conversation several times in my everyday life, and only is until I started reading this book did I question, is it possible that this one day might happen? While reading Oryx and Crake we get to see the life of Jimmy as he lives his everyday life going to school and living life then flashing forward to see Snowman living in a place where he thinks he is alone.

What is this whole thing about apocalypses and having the whole world be condemned by something that will turn them against their own? Now I’m sure we’ve all heard or seen of the famous walking dead and at some point asked ourselves if this was ever able to be true.

When I was reading about the life of Snowman (post-apocalypse), I saw how he was alone in a world which he thought was nobody but himself. Until I came to the end of the book and saw that he encounters two people which he doesn’t know what to do. This being said, after reading Oryx and Crake it had opened up my mind about this whole topic and to see if it was possible.

I have been reading studies on how having an apocalypse is impossible and unreal because there needs to be zombies and scientists say that it is physically impossible for our body after it has been dead to rise again, walk around and crave human flesh.


Now I leave you with the question of thinking, is it really possible to have a zombie apocalypse?


One thought on “Apocalypse, Real or Not?

  1. New diseases often spring up. It is not unlikely that one day a disease could affect humans to the point where the reasoning areas of their brains are affected. That would leave us with people who are alive but do not have the reason to discern that it is wrong to eat humans. They would simply be able to understand that as animals, they must eat. It is still a far-fetched idea, but one cannot say that it is impossible.


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