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This is just the Veganning


Environmentalism is the most obvious theme in The Year of the Flood because of the characters such as Gardeners and the environmental disaster that is the frame of the whole story. This group condemns the killing of any sort of animal, even killing a fly requires praying for forgiveness. The use of non-recycled materials and material attachment plays an important part in the novel. In the very beginning of the novel we come to know that the waterless flood has destroyed everything and everyone and only two humans survive; Toby and Ren. The two main characters are members of God’s Gardeners and they both believe that it is their duty to survive God’s Waterless Flood and to re-populate their world in a more pure, earth-loving way. The Gardeners believe that man was created by God to live in peace with animals, forming a sort of species friendship. We also see throughout the novel how the Gardener’s only eat vegetarian meals, which shows how they respect animals. Although this book is all fiction, some things mentioned in the novel are a lot likely to be present in today’s world, such as cruelty towards animals.

Cruelty means inflicting pain and causing suffering. Animal cruelty is a nationwide problem that is rapidly growing in today’s society. Animals are being beaten and starved to death every day and millions of animals die each year because of their heartless owners. Most people don’t know what is actually being done to the meat that they eat. Animals being beaten and left alone in unsanitary conditions with no food or water is just the beginning on what happens in these slaughterhouses.

Veganism is spreading fast and it has become more popular with the help of many different publicities. People need to educate themselves on what is actually being done to their meat before they eat it. Think of it this way: wouldn’t you feel better about yourself knowing that an animal didn’t have to go through a lot of torture to end up on your plate?



4 thoughts on “This is just the Veganning

  1. Great post! I think you are completely right. I feel very sad that animals need to suffer and live in an unsanitary environment just to end up on our plates. Honestly, each time I try to eat any sort of animal produce I think about how much that animal has suffered in order to end up on my plate and end up eating a vegetarian plate. I hope that cruelty toward animals would just end just like the effect of the waterless flood. Animals need to be treated well because they are very smart and loving creature and don’t deserve to be treated that way! 😦


  2. You bring up a lot of good points, but I think that choosing what brand you eat very carefully is important with meat. Some meat companies don’t actually torture their animals, and keep them happy. Some farmers only use the old and sick for food, which I think is a better option than torture (obviously). But to be upset about eating meat every meal is a bit excessive.. By eating only vegetables aren’t you contributing to killing them too? With deforestation for farm land (for vegetables and fruit), that decreases wild life too. In this situation there is no winning, but even animals eat other animals, we are part of that circle too in my opinion.


  3. I do believe that animals have feelings and suffer considerably due to the meat industry, and it seems to be selfish and unethical for humans to kill animals for food when there are others alternatives out there now. It would be good for our planet if more people thought more carefully about, not only where their food comes from, but also how it ends up on your plate. BUT, when you are raised following this pattern of eating animals because it is considered healthy, it becomes a challenge for you to stop eating animals and seeing it as something unethical.


  4. As someone who has watched a friend go through the process of becoming a vegan I personally feel like a lot of people fail to mention that the transition is not as easy as it seems when you don’t have the means necessary to support the lifestyle. For instance, my friend was a full time student who also worked a considerable amount of hours during the week which means that she had trouble finding the time to cook her own food. She would normally rely on fast food restaurants but as a vegan she could no longer do so as they tend to not be very vegan friendly. There are other many difficult scenarios she had to go through such as having a sudden craving for meat or being unable to attend a friend’s party (since she would have to personally ask them to prepare a vegan meal just for her). Nevertheless, I truly think you bring up a great point and as someone who aspires to become a vegan I, too, wish that animal cruelty could just disappear.


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