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How will the Apocalypse happen?



At one point in our lifetime, we all see some type of crazy homeless man waving a sign around that says the end is near! Now of course if you knew any better you would just simply ignore that crazy homeless guy and get on with the rest of your day, but I’m not like most people. When I see someone wave a sign around telling me the end is here and I am going to die very soon, I get nervous and I overthink the situation and begin to believe that this crazy old man is right and I may die a horrific death. So, another thought that comes to mind when I’m in that situation is how is the apocalypse going to happen? I don’t know about you, but when I think about apocalypse the first thing that comes to mind is Zombies! Of course, there are many other ways the apocalypse may happen.


In the MaddAddam trilogy, it happens with a virus created by Crake that wipes out what seems to be the entire the planet. Now, something like this can very well happen today but it is much more likely for it to happen at the hands of an evil person or corporation. The optimistic part of me says that this would never happen in today’s world we just aren’t that cruel, but there is a tiny voice inside of my head that is telling me that there is still a possibility that the government is indeed creating diseases for profit.


The most concerning way the world can end for me would have to be the man-made apocalypse. With the new president of the united states saying how much he loves nuclear weapons and with the budget changes made to the U.S. Military, the odds of nuclear war have risen quite a bit. Albert Einstein once said that if world war 3 happens, world war 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.


There is also the possibility of a meteor hitting earth and completely wiping out all of life on earth. This event is completely out of our control and if it does happen there is absolutely nothing that we can do to stop it from happening. It would only take a meteor 6 miles wide to do the job! Now that being said, the earth gets hit by meteors all the time and we are still here! But the universe is a pretty big place filled with billions of meteors that can end our planet at any moment.


So what do you think? do you think there is a chance of the apocalypse happening in our lifetime? If so, how do you think it is going to happen?


6 thoughts on “How will the Apocalypse happen?

  1. This is very interesting analysis. It seems that you are slightly worried about the end of the world. I wouldn’t be. At least not until it happens, no point of worrying about something that might or might not happen.

    As for the World War 3 scenario, I highly doubt that Trump is that reckless. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I think it is an unlikely event. Your facts are spot on though. Unite States did increase its military spending. However, that in itself will not cause world war 3 unless this military will be deployed in the dangerous hot spots around the world, antagonizing one or another power of the world that has nuclear weapons.

    As of today, it doesn’t seem that he will do it. However, it’s impossible to predict the future. All the more reasons not to worry about it.


  2. I think some time down the road we will have an event or catastrophe that will one way or another kill off humanity or maybe just part of it. I feel that such an event will not be known to human kind and may be in a shape or form that is familiar or unfamiliar to all of us. I also believe that the apocalypse are cycles of something hidden. Such as the 2012 phenomena which was a range of a theological views about the end of the world and beliefs on cataclysmic or transformative events that would occur.


  3. I’m a little ashamed to admit that I have had dreams (yes, dreams, not nightmares) of the apocalypse occurring and me being amongst a bunch of survivors doing our best to thrive in a zombie infested environment. However, that is probably the cause of me watching too many TV shows and movies related to the subject of the end of the world and so my brain creates this fantasy where an apocalypse could be “fun”. But I think that the harsh reality is that it obviously wouldn’t be and that at some point during world wars some people truly thought they were at the end of the world with how harsh the living conditions were. I definitely do think that an apocalypse could occur because of a third world war but I certainly hope humans are smart enough not to let that happen. As for the meteor… I’d rather not think about that. I’m already paranoid enough as it is.


  4. I think that there is a chance an apocalypse might destroy earth as we know it in our lifetime. But I feel as though there is a much bigger chance that it will be a man-made apocalypse. I don’t know if it’s the pessimist in me speaking but we might be approaching it faster than we think, especially with how cruelly and recklessly human beings treat earth and with how the most powerful of us tend to put money and power before human lives (just like you mentioned, the president of the United States for example). Great blog post!


  5. Great post! I have to say I’m not all that worried about the end of the world happening any time soon. I’m not saying it won’t happen, but I’m just saying it’s not something I would worry about right now. I feel like if anything were too happen to the world we live in, it would all be because of the way we, humans, treat our planet. Anything can occur at any time and I feel like people should only start worrying once something happens.


  6. Thinking about the end of the world scares me a little bit. Once it happens nobody can stop it, and everybody is going to be dead. I agree with your point of view about the existence of evil people out there. Someone can do exactly like Crake, and destroy the human race, but in the same time it would take more than just a pill to destroy all billions of people on Earth. We never know what might happen. A meteor can attack Earth today, and it will be the end. This is the scary part: we never know how and when it’s going to happen.


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