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The Future of Humanity

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Throughout the course of Atwood’s story, we are shown a glimpse of what the future may look like in the near future. Some of the aspects that we see may even be relevant in our lifetimes. Although it may be impossible to predict the turns that humanity will take, it is certainly interesting to try to guess where it goes, and there are many areas to think about when making a prediction. Our beliefs, our ethics, our philosophies, our technology, and our physical evolution are all things that can affect the way humans may evolve. There are also uncontrollable events that may shape the course of humanity, such as major natural disasters and extra-terrestrial life.

Atwood’s story, even if it’s fiction, is a good guess on what the future may look like for us. She goes in details on a lot of important subjects, and all seem like it could be accurate, if humanity were to go down that path. Obviously, it’s quite grim, and I’m sure not a lot of people would enjoy life that way, but it’s a good way of taking a step back and understanding the things we are doing wrong today, and make us take a little more action to make humanity better.

Humanity doesn’t need to be so depressing in the future either. The website futuretimeline.net is a place where you get to see what researchers are predicting the future to look like in the future, showing how humanity may end up ten-thousand years from now. Unlike Atwwod, their vision of humanity is a little less dark, and believe that humanity will thrive to be much, much bigger than what it is now. It’s not only good, they believe that some bad situations are inevitable, such as bioterrorism, pollution, over-population, and more, but we end up finding solutions to these precarious situations. There are a lot of amazing things that they show, such as space exploration missions, huge transportation projects, and even artificial intelligence surpassing human intelligence, making most high-level decision by governments and businesses. If humanity’s future is something that interests you, this is an awesome website to waste time on.


Kim Stanley Robinson’s prediction for New York, on futuretimeline.com

What are your thoughts on the future of humanity? What specific events do you predict happening to us? Let me know in the comments!



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