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In The Year of The Flood, God’s gardeners are against the idea of eating animal based foods. They practice a vegetarian diet in order to honor and preserve animal and plant life.

A vegan is someone who follows a diet that contains no animal meat, fish, eggs, dairy products or any other food that comes from animals. They differ from vegetarians who generally still eat dairy and eggs as part of their diets. By not consuming any animal products, vegans follow a dietary path similar to an herbivore, while meat eaters are typically omnivores which mean they eat both plants and animals.

People on a vegan diet tend to be leaner. In a cross sectional study of nearly 40 000 adults, meat eater had the highest body mass index (BMI). Vegetarians were in the middle and vegans had the lowest. Vegans appear to have lower rates of hypertension than both meat eaters and vegetarians and lower a cardiometabolic risks for conditions like heart disease or strokes.


If you are interested, this is a TED talk about a plant based nutrition:


The problem however doesn’t seem to be with meat itself but rather with the quality of meat. Recent finding have found that coronary heart disease problems do not seem to be linked with red meat and saturated fats like previously thought, but rather with processed meats. While there certainly may be some health advantages in going vegan, there seems to be some common in the diet. One of these deficiencies is with the vitamin B-12. According to the ADA, a plant-based diet does not contain a significant amount of vitamins. With vegans requiring supplements to meet their nutritional needs, it may seem that veganism is unnatural, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s unhealthy.

Image result for vEGANS

At this point, some of you may be wondering which diet leads to longer life spans. None of these two diets have an effect on a human’s life span. The optimal human diet can be achieved without going completely vegan. Many health organizations, including the ADA, state that well-planned vegan diets are healthy and nutritional adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. It seems like no matter what your dietary preferences are, a healthy lifestyle can be achieved o or off a vegan diet.

Are you a vegan? Would you ever consider becoming a vegan?




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