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Prepping For the End

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With current international events and affairs, people are finding many reasons to fear the future. As a result, these people have begun to resort to prepping for the apocalypse. While some prepare as standalone doomsday preppers, others come together to form what are known as survivalism groups. These people live their lives by a code, much like a religion that guides their decisions and actions. Their daily lives become consumed with learning self-sufficiency and self-defense techniques, stockpiling supplies and searching for locations to ride out the disaster. Know anybody who fits similar criteria in The Year of the Flood?




You guessed it, the God’s Gardeners and their beliefs follow the code of a doomsday prepper to the letter aside from the self-defense (Although a lot of the Gardeners can handle themselves… look at Toby with her gun!). Throughout the entire book, we see how the Gardeners are trained to farm, gather and fortify in preparation for the “waterless flood.” Compared to the doomsday preppers of today, the two groups share a lot of similarities. Firstly, both groups focus on the cooperation between each of its members. In order to maximise efficiency and unity through difficult times, people must complete their tasks to not drag everyone else down. Second, they both gather large amounts of supplies and organise multiple backup stockpiles. And lastly, they share a similar dedication to the teaching and learning of techniques for survival and self-preservation. Through this, we can see a very clear resemblance between the doomsday preppers of today to the God’s Gardeners.

As you can see, there is a lot of work that goes into ensuring your survival. A lot of information can be found online on how to get started should you choose to do so. There is even whole television series that follows preppers in their daily lives.

7c6580b65916c8d8beb0f59ee46185acSource: https://au.pinterest.com/explore/doomsday-preppers/

This goes to show that many people actually do consider completely changing their lives in order to ensure their survival for a disaster that ‘might’ happen.

What do you guys think about prepping for the apocalypse? Do you think it will even happen? Or do you think that all these people are just wasting their time and money? Let me know down in the comments! I look forward to hearing what you guys think!



One thought on “Prepping For the End

  1. I can remember when I was in grade 7 (so, like, 6 years ago or so) and I had a bunch of friends who really thought that the zombie apocalypse was going to be the reason we all kicked the bucket. One guy, lets call him Steve, was a bit of a know-it-all and he was always saying things like: “Guys, my dad knows how to survive the zombie apocalypse! We have a van. You have to loot the gun stores and the grocery stores and then head to the country and then hide out in a barn!”

    I guess it’s always a good idea to have all of those emergency skills that will come in handy if anything ever really does happen. However, people have been expecting the world to end since it began. I feel like if we keep worrying about it then we might just end up getting old and dying, regretting that we had spent all that time worrying about the world ending.

    I say this now, and maybe I would think differently if an apocalypse ever really did happen, but I think I would want to be killed off with the rest of the humans. I don’t have it in me to rebuild humanity… I’m just an everyday, regular, normal girl.


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