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Are Alpha Males a Thing?

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We notice in nature how alpha males are dominant in a group of animals. This makes me wonder if it is true that there are alpha males for human. Being an alpha male in the animal kingdom means to have a lot of females wanting to mate with you because of your genes and the higher chance of survival because of the alpha male’s physique.

354C7B0500000578-3642663-image-a-60_1465988708776.jpgIt also means to be the head of the group and to have respect from the other males. For humans it seems as though their physique matters just as much: tall, built men that are also handsome are prone to be alpha males. Although this might be true for the females all wanting to mate with them, or have their genes, it is not the only important aspect in being an alpha male in our species. The other factor is: communication and leadership skills. It has a slight different definition where the human alpha male is a leader. This is crucial to be the person people go to in case of uncertainty, the person who comes up with the plan and who is always ready to guide people in the right direction. Human alpha males have a certain presence, confidence, dominance over other people.



In book the main character is often considered an Alpha male. In the series of MaddAdam, we notice a few men that would be considered as alpha males and others, not so much. For example Zeb would be considered an alpha male. He is confident and always seems to have a plan for different situations. He is respected by others and people listen to what he has to say. For example when they are all at the Cobb house (in the second book), he tells everyone the plan to go find Adam One and the others. When Ren says she wants to go find Amanda seeking Zeb’s approval, he says “he’s very sorry, but we have to understand that it’s an either/or choice” (399). They seem to be asking him if their next move is okay. There is also Crake’s character that seems to be an alpha male, more in a business type of way because he is the boss and he tells people what he wants and they respect that. The characters that are the opposite like jimmy or Ren appear weak and too emotional to deal with other people and stressful situations. They lean more towards being followers. The important characters don’t always have to be alpha males in stories, although they do seem to be able to survive longer.





One thought on “Are Alpha Males a Thing?

  1. Great post, I like the characteristics that you mentioned for an alpha male; tall, muscular and most likely handsome. I believe that these are just determinant attributes that trigger a certain level of confidence. Also, in one of my program classes, we learned about the Halo Effect, which is basically that people will judge you on your good locks and also believe that you excel in other dimensions in your life because you are good looking. This is quite interesting, because people believe that good-looking people have a sort of boost in life compared to not as good looking people. However, I do believe that these characteristics are maybe the ingredients for the perfect alpha male, but I think that a person that isn’t that good looking, as tall, or as muscular can still be an alpha male. It all relates to how they view themselves and how they act with everyone else. If you act like a leader, everyone beside you will treat you like one (don’t be cocky either).


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