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The Future of Cosmetics


I know very little about cosmetics, let’s just put that out there right off the bat. I was, however, interested in the kind of cosmetic surgery in particular that Atwood was able to think up, especially in the Year of the Flood. Toby undergoes surgery that changes the pigment of her skin, her eye color, her scalp and the hair attached to it entirely, and even her voice! Now we are oh so fortunate to be living in times where cosmetic surgery is, for the most part, very effective and can improve people’s self-esteem and whatnot, in fact, we live alongside the poster-family of cosmetic surgery and see them on a day-to-day basis, whether we want to or not, so we can’t possibly forget what plastic surgery can do for you if you’ve got the money to pay for it. You know exactly who I’m talking about.
Image result for the kardashian sisters
Yeah… this is indeed that exact family.

With modern science evolving exponentially, I’ve become very curious as to what could be accomplished in terms of plastic surgery and cosmetics alike. We already have breast implants, butt injections, lip injections, eyelid surgery, facial reconstruction surgery, some people even consider “the Michael Jackson factor” to be the first step in changing one’s ethnic appearance through plastic surgery. It really makes you think to yourself; “what could possibly be next?” What if we were able to use cosmetic surgery to implant things that humans can’t even develop on their own? Have you ever noticed how the softest and most endangered animals cost the most when they’re on the hood of a jacket? Well what if, in the future, it becomes a trend for men to have body hair implants that replace their regular human hair with that of a tiger? I’m willing to bet Charlie Sheen would be an advocate of that movement. It sounds crazy but I’m pretty sure butt injections would have sounded pretty odd to someone living in the 19th century, don’t you?

Here are some examples of cosmetic surgeries that we could see in the future including, but not limited to, face transplants, injecting jewels into one’s eyes to make the sparkle, cosmetic surgeries for your pets and surgery that allows a patient to look more like an animal of their choosing: http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/542448_2. And with that, my question to you is simply; what kind of surgeries that aren’t implicated yet do you think we could possibly see in the near future, no matter how bizarre they may seem to us now?




2 thoughts on “The Future of Cosmetics

  1. I think that this topic is very relevant as we see more and more how plastic surgery is taking a big place in society to fix what we call body imperfections. I think your topic brings further another important questions which is how we are trying to fit the beauty standards are society has set on us. Human beings are never satisfied with what they have, and unfortunately we are always seeking for more, and we want to fix our imperfections, instead of embracing them.


  2. Really interesting post. I feel like this topic is very relevant because it has taken a huge part of our society. Nobody is really happy with themselves, we always want more. I know many people who always complain because their “butt is not big enough” or their “waist isn’t small enough.” I also feel like society has an influence of the way people portray themselves. Everyone wants to be like the Kardashians, but little do they realize that everything they have is totally fake and made up of a lot of plastic surgery and injections. Although plastic surgery can have a positive outcome, it can make you feel better about yourself, imagine what people will look like when they hit their 40s or 50s…


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