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Morality Vs. Ethics


One day I was thinking about the difference between morality and ethics. I did some research, and I found out that these two terms have actually different connotations. According to the oxford dictionary, ethics are a set of moral principles that rule a person’s behavior (Oxford).  Morality refers to the principles concerning the difference between what is right and wrong (Oxford). Based on these definitions, you can deduce that they are essentially the same and you are right. What makes the distinction is that morality is based on one’s personal beliefs about what is right or wrong. On the other hand, ethics refers to what society considers good and bad behaviors.

The case of Brock Turner and Cory Batey serves as a good example of this difference. These men were both accused of sexual assault. Brock received a sentence of six months while Cory received a sentence of 15 years for the same crime.


You may say that the whole situation per se is unethical. Rape is considered a wrong thing to do to someone in this society. However, we can say that the judge and jury’s decisions were based on their morals. The reason that makes me think that is the difference between Cory’s and Brock’s sentences. This behavior was worse because Cory was a black man. They believe that black men are more dangerous to society than white men, which may not always be the case.

At the end of the year of the flood, we see that Toby comes across this situation about whether or not she should kill the two painballers. She finally does not kill them because it was Saint Julien Day, and it was not right for her to do so. But, at the beginning of the MaddAddam, we see that she kind pf regrets that decision because the painballers were set free by the Crakers. They are killers, they represent a danger to all of them. Therefore she thinks that she should have killed them. Killing them would not be considered unethical because they are dangerous to them, it can be seen as a self-defence act.

So, what are your thoughts about this situation? and Do you think that the decisions you take should be based on morality or ethics??



2 thoughts on “Morality Vs. Ethics

  1. Hi Licet, your topic is very interesting. I strongly agree with what you are saying. Morality and ethic can be very similar and confusing topics. I think that morality is more about non-writing rules that the society constructed during centuries when ethics is more about certain values that people should question themselves about. In general, I like your definition of it, and it is true that unfortunately, people discriminate others because of their different ethnicities, skin color, sexual orientation, gender, and disabilities. I consider your example as a more stereotypical and racial example. It is not about morals but more about stereotypes that people make to differentiate them from one another. Stereotypes like moralities are also funded by society.


  2. Interesting topic! Ethically, she should have done it because they would pose a threat to anyone still remaining. Morally, on one hand, she should have killed them because of all that they did to Amanda and Ren, but on the other hand she chose to stick to her “God’s Gardeners” morals that told her that murder is always wrong. Personally, I believe that in this case the ethical thing to do (to kill them) would have been the right thing to do because it would keep everyone safe especially considering there is no police or any type of force to ensure people’s safety. However, I understand that taking someone’s life (or two) is not that easy of a decision.


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