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In our society, there are many issues that we are all aware of and that we stand against. However, some issues that are as important, are silent. For the most of us, I believe that health is a priority in our lives and pharmaceutical companies have taken advantage of our beliefs. If you have a disease and there is only one company who has the cure, they are going to make sure they will get the most money out of you.

Margaret Atwood shows us in the year of the flood and also in Oryx and Crake, the corruption involved with the CorpSeCorps. Not only do they do unethical things, but they are often against the law. They take advantage of their power and their role in society. They are in a constant search for money and solutions to have the highest profit. In one situation, which made me sick was when Toby’s mother got ill ‘’out of the blue’’ when the family did not want to sell their property. Naturally, the company would subscribe more pills to help heal her. Pills after pills, you would believe that you are getting better, but in reality, one problem goes away and ten more appear.

Pharmaceutical companies have a profit margin that unimaginable. You would think that banks and other companies make a higher profit margin, but sadly it is not the case. In 2013, the highest profit margin for a bank company was 29% which is huge. Usually the average profit margin is around 6%. In that same year, a pharmaceutical company named Pfizer had a profit margin 42%. The industry average for pharmaceutical companies were 18% at the time. These numbers are disgusting. It is understandable for clothing companies and restaurants or any thing that isn’t a necessity for life. People rely on the drugs that these corporations supply to live, but they still set the price high. Seeing these figures makes me think of how these people think. People lives shouldn’t be questioned even if they do get their 3rd Ferrari.

In addition, while I was scrolling on youtube and looking at some videos, I saw an ad for a medication, where the medication helped people stop smoking, however it caused many many many problems. The commercial is quite funny and I encourage you to watch it. I don’t understand how companies can still be able to sell something that has that many side effects.



To conclude, we all know that corporations charge high prices and often give pills that only causes even more problems. We all know that they do this and that it is highly unethical, but what can we do, to help reduce the prices and also the stupidity behind the endless cycle of medications. What can we do to reduce the prices and also the companies’ values regarding their profits? Do you think that any measure used would not change anything? What are your thoughts on all this?




7 thoughts on “hEalthTHICAL

  1. Great post! Its funny that you added in the Chantix commercial. Every time I find myself watching tv with my mom and a similar ad is being played we cannot ever take it seriously, its ridiculous “pills to help with constipation but that will provide you with a million and one other side affects” its ridiculous. Something like a product to help you quit smoking could provide you with a life time of problems. When considering the issue with the high profit margins I think this is the case with many industries but when it is in correlation to a persons’ health, it should never be about the money, it is simply unethical as you have mentioned. It angers me that the people that are involved in any sort of way with these companies should not be able to sleep soundly at night knowing they are living off of the profit made by lying and over charging the sick who have no other choice than to rely on over priced medicine.

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  2. To combat this problem I think we need to change our culture and move away from the capitalist system … Perhaps we can have governments move towards funding and managing drug creation programs. That’s my best guess on how we can address this issue. Interesting post!

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  3. Wow, 42%! That’s disgusting. I believe in socialized medicine and I think it should cover all prescription medication… healthcare is a basic human right, it’s inhumane to have people spending so much money for something that aids in their day to day functioning. When it comes to adverse effects I’m more conflicted, because ultimately I think it comes down to a matter of personal choice in terms of whether those effects are worth it for you… it’s unfortunate how so many medications have really horrible side effects, and I hope we see progress in how harmful these treatments are. Who knows, maybe scientific advancement will work out for the better in our universe and we’ll see improvement in how these systems work.

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  4. Interesting post! I really like how you incorporated the average profit margins of five major industries, it brings an element of validity and truth to the matter, which is what i think is important in regards to bringing attention to this issue. Its shocking that their profit margin is larger than the banks, which should not be. I understand that these medications are expensive to produce, but at the same time, they shouldn’t be so expensive, that it raises their profit margin that high. I do like how you added the commercial for Chantix. I’ve seen the commercial before, but I didn’t really pay attention to what they were saying, so when I looked up the video, it made me laugh because of how long it goes on. Good job!

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  5. Great post! I actually find it sickening that people would rather be making money off selling medication to people who may not actually need it, rather than actually caring for that person and helping them cure their disease or whatever it is they have. Finally, like how you integrated the commercial for Chantix, I remember seeing it a few times but I never really payed much attention to the things being said.

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  6. I think our society has become hooked on the fact that medication can solve every pain and ailment that you have. A great documentary about this is “Prescription Thugs” which talks about the media and the public sentiment surrounding “Big Pharma”. People have stopped being in tune with their bodies and look to the instant solutions that prescription medication often provides. This is not our own faults though. As a society we simply don’t have the time to give our bodies that proper care that they need since everything around us is “go, go, go,”.
    I, personally, was very sick in December, but found that it would have been impossible to take time off of school, even if I did have a doctor’s note, because the heavy course load in my program would have made it very hard to catch up. It was very frustrating.
    That being said, we are fooled into thinking that we need to quick relief of prescription medication so that we can keep up with society.
    Once the public has this thought in mind already, it’s easy to take advantage of this and manipulate.

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  7. I completely agree with you that it is unfair for pharmaceutical companies to take advantage of people’s need for medication to earn a greater profit. A lot of people struggle to afford their medication and it is upsetting to think that the reason for this is partly the companies’ desire to make money. I am not certain there is something that we can do to lower the prices other than implementing laws. These companies are so powerful that I think the only reason they would reduce the costs would be if it is illegal not to do so. This area of the field of medicine unfortunately became an industry where producers compete against each other and try to increase their sales and profits…

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