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The Fundamentals of Life and Survival


In the first two books of the trilogy, we see technological advancements running rampant through the world. Now, in the third post-apocalyptic instalment, the characters are all forced to go back to the fundamentals of life. But what are they?

Camping Training.

Attitude is a very important element of survival, especially when forced to survive with a group of people. Without a positive yet realistic attitude, it is unlikely that the community will prosper. In Maddaddam, we can already see the positive attitudes dwindling as jealousy arises and the perceived need to reproduce as well. It also seems as though some of the characters, such as Swift Fox, are forgetting the importance of the basics of surviving.

The small community of characters has managed to successfully find (obviously) air and a shelter, but also are in need of water and food. They must however remember the rule of threes that is important for anyone to survive in the wild:

  1. 3 minutes: a person can only last three minutes without air. This aspect is pretty much covered unless Crake decides to rise from the dead and finish the job, if you get what I’m saying…
  2. 3 hours: without shelter and a regulated body temperature, within three hours the person will meet their unfortunate demise.
  3. 3 days: water is very important for survival, and although the community is situated near a water source, making fresh water is very difficult.
  4. 3 weeks: without a proper diet, a person can only live three weeks. This is an issue because within the Maddaddamite community, all they have so far is meat and some vegetables.

Other than Attitude and the rules of three, fire is also important. Without fire, the Maddaddamites cannot cook or have light as the tech world has now fallen. As they are cooking meat and making stews, it is safe to say that this community has successfully satisfied this need.

What do you guys think the last one is? Any guesses?

Well, it’s the one thing that half of the people who are part of the community have: Naturalist skills!

That’s right, everything that Ren, Amanda, Zeb, Toby, Rebecca and whatever other Gardener is there has learned, will be put to the test for their survival. Let’s just hope that their increasingly negative attitudes don’t interfere with survival.

But what do you think? Will the negativity escalate past reparation?

the end

For more detail on survival, click below!


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2 thoughts on “The Fundamentals of Life and Survival

  1. Cool post! It seems like the Maddaddamites have done a lot to prepare for the apocalypse in terms of what we expect to see as “survival skills”- the naturalist skills, the Ararats, etc., but it also strikes me that one of the biggest issues we seem to see in post-apocalyptic fiction is that no one is emotionally prepared for the apocalypse. I like that you mentioned attitude first… I wonder if these characters are, in fact, relatively well-suited to emotionally survive the apocalypse? Most of them seem incredibly resilient (particularly Toby, Amanda, Zeb and Adam One…). I guess I’ll just have to finish the book to find out.


  2. I like the points you brought up. It’s true that the Maddaddamites are quite well suited in surviving the apocalypse, though I’m mostly interested in who exactly will inherit the Earth. Will the Crakers end up eventually becoming the more prevalent species? They certainly are naive, albeit much better equipped to efficiently thrive in their environment. Of course, it’s not as though there are Crakers in every part of the world (that we know of) so in the near future at least, I doubt the Crakers would inherit the world. Will the teachings of the Maddaddmites/Gardeners survive? Perhaps through future generations of either Craker, human, or even a mix of the two. Would love to see what the Maddaddam world is like 100 years from the final book.


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