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A Scientific Religion

Religions are a part of our world today and will always be a part of our culture. In the Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood, I have chosen to talk about how the Gardeners incorporate their science background into their religion.

While reading the book I had not realized that some of the Gardeners had actually scientists from the Corps which have just chosen to not be a part of them because it went against everything they believed in. The biggest way I found how they were incorporating their scientist knowledge was the way they looked at the world in which they lived. By creating their own garden to be able to feed themselves while limiting the use of Earth’s natural resources.

In the real world today we see a people this very same scientific way of looking at the world by realizing that we are doing harm to the Earth by over using the resources that our world has provided us. Like the Gardeners live their lifestyle through the rules set to them by the religion they follow, many people in our world today live their lives and survive by following the rules by their given religion or the religion they have chosen to be a part of.

It is a great thing to notice that people of today are coming to a vision of what our world could be if we do not think of the things we do to harm our planet and to see that religion, no matter which it may be, helps us live in a way that may be beneficial to ourselves and to the place we live.religion

Now I leave you with the question being, in the way you live your life, do you follow a set of rules or beliefs that help you live the way you do?


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Apocalypse, Real or Not?

The subject of apocalypses has come up in conversation several times in my everyday life, and only is until I started reading this book did I question, is it possible that this one day might happen? While reading Oryx and Crake we get to see the life of Jimmy as he lives his everyday life going to school and living life then flashing forward to see Snowman living in a place where he thinks he is alone.

What is this whole thing about apocalypses and having the whole world be condemned by something that will turn them against their own? Now I’m sure we’ve all heard or seen of the famous walking dead and at some point asked ourselves if this was ever able to be true.

When I was reading about the life of Snowman (post-apocalypse), I saw how he was alone in a world which he thought was nobody but himself. Until I came to the end of the book and saw that he encounters two people which he doesn’t know what to do. This being said, after reading Oryx and Crake it had opened up my mind about this whole topic and to see if it was possible.

I have been reading studies on how having an apocalypse is impossible and unreal because there needs to be zombies and scientists say that it is physically impossible for our body after it has been dead to rise again, walk around and crave human flesh.


Now I leave you with the question of thinking, is it really possible to have a zombie apocalypse?