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Help Save the World

Throughout MaddAddam, we come to see how climate change is a big issue in the book and also how it reflects in the real world, and how this affects different living species in different parts of the world. The main focus of the corporations in MaddAddam is to help save the polar bears from the climate change in the arctic that is melting.

In our society, we have many companies and corporations that have been starting to take climate change more seriously, and have started to make big changes regarding their product consumption. Also, many organizations in the world have come together to share their thoughts and ideas on different aspects that involve climate change.

There is an organization based in Canada called Climate Action Network – their goal is to work together by involving families and communities all across Canada to keep them safe and come up with solutions to help the environment and save our planet. Members have to understand that how they use and generate energy comes from the use of natural resources such as water and land in order to prevent very dangerous human interference with the climate system.


The organization also manages to protect the quality of life of not only people, but of animals and plants as well. With the use of advanced technology, this organization looks for ways to develop their natural resources and find ways to change the way we use appliances and the way we build our community.

What are your thoughts on climate change and how do you think we can help the world be a better place? Do you think it can be possible to save the species that are living in areas where climate change is more present?









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inside gardening

A new evolution of farming is on the way. Recently this news was everywhere around the social media to show is benefice. The urban agriculture of Square Roots, the farm compound in New York. They wish to expand this new idea of farming start with 10 containers place in Brooklyn, New York. This compound of 320-square-foot can generate multiple of nutrition. Therefore, the way of reutilization of container is a benefice in these Square Roots industry. T6.jpghis intelligent way of producing vegetables requires less space and 80% water than outdoor farm. The nutriment is all organic and each container can produce around 50,000 mini-heads of lettuce per years.8.jpg

Before Square Roots, Wall Disney World already shows to the world his own inside farm at Epcot. Inside the Land Pavilion, they show the visitor where all the food of Wall Disney World is produced. In the campus, you can find an inside greenhouse whom they grow all the vegetables using the similar technique as the farm container. The greenhouse measure 2.5 million square feet. The production is using less water than exterior farms and expose the futurist model of communal living. The living with the land project shows the food shortage and environmental problem by improving agriculture with the new technology. Inside the Land Pavilion attraction, you can see gigantic tomato trees, exotic fruit who grow as they remove the constraints of gravity.


Even if Wall Disney World start to innovate the idea of a futuristic agriculture, the population start to see is benefice and expand this idea. The innovation of growing agriculture using less water and lands to produce the same amount of food is now on his way to be more than 10 shipping containers at New Work or an attraction park.





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A Scientific Religion

Religions are a part of our world today and will always be a part of our culture. In the Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood, I have chosen to talk about how the Gardeners incorporate their science background into their religion.

While reading the book I had not realized that some of the Gardeners had actually scientists from the Corps which have just chosen to not be a part of them because it went against everything they believed in. The biggest way I found how they were incorporating their scientist knowledge was the way they looked at the world in which they lived. By creating their own garden to be able to feed themselves while limiting the use of Earth’s natural resources.

In the real world today we see a people this very same scientific way of looking at the world by realizing that we are doing harm to the Earth by over using the resources that our world has provided us. Like the Gardeners live their lifestyle through the rules set to them by the religion they follow, many people in our world today live their lives and survive by following the rules by their given religion or the religion they have chosen to be a part of.

It is a great thing to notice that people of today are coming to a vision of what our world could be if we do not think of the things we do to harm our planet and to see that religion, no matter which it may be, helps us live in a way that may be beneficial to ourselves and to the place we live.religion

Now I leave you with the question being, in the way you live your life, do you follow a set of rules or beliefs that help you live the way you do?