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HelthWyzer than You Think They Are

In Atwood’s third instalment of the trilogy,  we find out to what extent the government is involved in the decay of its population’s health. All of us here are familiar with the BlyssPluss pills a part of Crake’s master plan to wipe out the Earth’s population. More specifically, as we read on, we learn more and more about what the pills that claim to either be birth control, give immense sexual pleasure or make you feel younger, actually do. Ironically, these “vitamin pills” do anything but good. Most likely, these pills introduce a deadly virus into the consumer’s body whose effects are only felt in the long-term. The goal of this is to keep the population unhealthy so that when they need treatments they will ask for help (which doesn’t come cheap) to the same guys who got them terminally ill in the first place.

picture of doctor hands giving white pills and glass of water

In a society that functions relatively the same way as the one in this book, we could suspect the government of actively keeping its population ill. For instance, in the United States where healthcare is extremely costly, it is not far fetched to think that the idea might have occurred to them that they could make more money by not advertising that they have the cure for certain fatal diseases.

High cost of tresting cancer

In the trilogy,  there are many instances when highly ranked scientists, like Crake’s dad, come across incriminating evidence against the government and unfortunately have deadly “accidents” when attempting to expose the truth. This could  explain why scientists in a similar society would feel threatened if they ever stubbled upon that kind of information. Maybe anyone that has tried to uncover the truth has had a “terrible accident”. Another way  people can be manipulated into staying silent on the issue is by labeling those that question a government’s authority as conspiracy nuts. Evidently, no one wants to be “that guy”.

it's a conspiracy!

I’ll agree that this conspiracy is quite far fetched considering the repercussions of such actions on the part of a country’s government would be devastating. However “too crazy to be true” we want this theory to be, is there a little part of you that wouldn’t put it past some governments? Is a billion dollar industry, like cancer treatment, more appealing than a healthy population? Let me know if you’re a conspiracy nut yourself.