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Help Save the World

Throughout MaddAddam, we come to see how climate change is a big issue in the book and also how it reflects in the real world, and how this affects different living species in different parts of the world. The main focus of the corporations in MaddAddam is to help save the polar bears from the climate change in the arctic that is melting.

In our society, we have many companies and corporations that have been starting to take climate change more seriously, and have started to make big changes regarding their product consumption. Also, many organizations in the world have come together to share their thoughts and ideas on different aspects that involve climate change.

There is an organization based in Canada called Climate Action Network – their goal is to work together by involving families and communities all across Canada to keep them safe and come up with solutions to help the environment and save our planet. Members have to understand that how they use and generate energy comes from the use of natural resources such as water and land in order to prevent very dangerous human interference with the climate system.


The organization also manages to protect the quality of life of not only people, but of animals and plants as well. With the use of advanced technology, this organization looks for ways to develop their natural resources and find ways to change the way we use appliances and the way we build our community.

What are your thoughts on climate change and how do you think we can help the world be a better place? Do you think it can be possible to save the species that are living in areas where climate change is more present?










Cabins vs Mansions

Vilas to favelas, cabins to mansions, soup kitchens to country clubs, people have been separated socially and economically around the world for centuries. We always knew that this is a problem in our past and even present, however we do not know if it will still be relevant in the future. Throughout the first two novels, Oryx and Crake and the Year of the Flood, we can see that social and economic classes are formed and there are still judgments made upon each other. In the story, we can see two separations, people from the Compounds and those from the PleeBlands. People in the Compounds live a better life, they have a high paying job, a home in proximity of the workplace, security and much more, they are presented as the upper class. People in the PleeBlands are the middle and lower class. Many are viewed as druggies, drunks, crazy and dumb people.

This presentation made from Margaret Atwood is also a sad reality that we experience and see every day. Naturally, we do not have any walls that separate the different classes, but we can see them with the different clothing, neighborhoods and even the person’s attitude. People are forgetting the main reason they do their jobs and they seek the one that makes them have the most digits in their bank account. Many will forget their values and not even question if it is the right thing to do. Everybody starts seeing their wants and desires as needs, as a necessity to life.



In many societies, there is a big economic gab between the upper and lower class which leads to economic inequality, in other words, the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. This leads to the lower class having a struggle to progress and reach the middle class. This concept is seen in countries like Nigeria, in 2004, 55% of the population earn less than 1$ a day and the percentage increased to 61% in 2014. In addition, there are 16,000 millionaires and that number is expected to increase to 23,000 this year. It is hard to find solutions to try to decrease the gab and eliminate the inequality because often the ones in charge are the ones that make the most and they are happy with how the country operates. How can we help change this situation, who can change this, when will we live in a world there are no social and economic classes like the crakers? I leave you with this picture that I stumbled upon during my research which shocked me and left me disgusted…

rich vs poor 2



A few decades ago, two actors in a TV show couldn’t share a bed because it was considered too racy for public television, whereas nowadays, it’s safe to say the rules have changed a bit. We’ve gone from TV censors having to bring the hammer down on renegade producers who decided to put two fully clothed human beings under the same bed sheet to having the classic suburban family share a blanket and settle down with a plate of veggies and tzatziki (and maybe a bag of low salt, brand-less potato chips for the kids on a special occasion) to watch a zombie have it’s head relocated by means of a blade or blunt object. This dramatic shift is made extremely apparent by Atwood in Oryx and Crake, particularly the scenes in which Jimmy and Crake enjoy a night of watching beheadings and child pornography, as one does in their free time.

What takes everyone aback is that it is made so readily available to the viewing public in this fictional world either on television or the internet and the fact that Jimmy and Crake seem to enjoy it in the same way that you or I would enjoy a Jackass movie- the whole movie is violent and crude, but some of the things you see in the movie pale in comparison to some of the more dangerous scenes in terms of how we react to them. Some of the more violent and grotesque scenes make the other, more mildly disturbing scenes seem as though they’re child’s play, so to speak.

For the record they’re in a shopping cart going down hill at about a 25 – 30 degree angle and being shot at by cannons loaded with bricks. Can you tell me with 100% honesty that you don’t want to see how that ends? Well I did, and it was amazing.

My point is that we as a society have become so desensitized to things that would have abhorred those born only a generation or two before us by the television and movie producers that continue to push the boundaries of what they can put on screen but the thing is, we encourage it because we enjoy it. We’ve all heard the analogy “It’s like a train wreck, it’s awful but you can’t look away”. Something animalistic within us allows us to enjoy a level of violence and taboo that would be considered awful under normal circumstances. The more we, as a society, satisfy this craving for the most appalling thing we can endure, the more a mature subject matter of a lesser degree becomes normalized.

Some food for thought: Think of something that used to make your stomach turn when you were a child like extreme violence or sex, and compare it to what you think about it now. If you’ve watched and thoroughly enjoyed The Walking Dead and/or 50 Shades of Grey , you’ve already got your answer.

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